Your 70% VA rating is certainly evidence SSA would have to seriously consider. The easiest way to find out whether you have enough credits to qualify for SSD is to call your local SSA office or the national toll-free number 1-800-772-1213.
  • Criteria for determining medical conditions associated with PTSD Title X—Public Awareness Sec. 1001. Public awareness program Sec. 1002. Web site and materials for general campaign of awareness of PTSD 2. Definition In this Act, the term PTSD means post-traumatic stress disorder.

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    If the PTSD results from a highly stressful event that requires a serviceman be released from military duty early, then the VA must assign a rating of no less than 50% disabled, and another evaluation must be done within six months of the veteran's discharge to determine if the rating should be changed.

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    Posttraumatic stress disorder and incident heart failure among a community-based sample of US Veterans. Roy SS, Foraker RE, Girton RA, Mansfield AJ. Prevention and treatment efforts for heart failure and its associated risk factors should be expanded among US Veterans with PTSD. Am J Public Health, 2015 Apr;105(4):757-83.

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    Jun 27, 2019 · I hope it continues to get easier for Vets. My step dad has been through hell in the past few years trying to get a rating for PTSD from Vietnam. He will eventually get 100%…but its taken almost 10 years (plus the time before he went to the VA for help)

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